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Filtering through all my pics I decided it would be fun to put together a painful timeline of my regular and scary makeup :) Are you ready? Go ahead... give it a looky!

WARNING: CONTAINS A LOT OF PHOTOS... MAY BE BAD IF PC IS A SLOW LOADER! I would hate for you to hate me for making your comp freeze up :P

These were birthed prior to my addiction to lj makeup communites, and I was in the 14 and 15 year old range:

These here photos were conceived once I saw what blending was suppose to look like and I continuously attempted to achieve that mystical thing... I applied at smokin_makeup with most of these lol :P

(^happiest day of my life---day I rid myself of my eyebrows. Even if shaving and drawing is not for you, it is my love child and here is consumated lol ^___^ )

The it started to all make sense..this applying makeup thing... and surely some ok makeup came out of all the aweful pictures you have already witnessed :P

and a fun one of moi and my neauvou camera :}



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