leprosy___ (leprosy___) wrote in fabulousmakeup,

remember me?
horrible member alert. :P

my most 'exciting' look that i don't even have a full face of. :|

shadows used:
carbon, deep truth, electric eel, lancome - personal style, nylon.

shadows used:
fairy lite pig., sweet sienna pig., satin taupe, showstopper, smoking, and nylon

shadows used:
vanilla, hey, pink venus, howzats

[last one was obviously contrasted..but you can somewhat see my makeup better]

shadows used:
beautiful iris, hepcat, sketch, beauty marked, nylon

shadows used:
carbon, scene, moth brown, electra, nylon

shadows used:
ben nye - azalea, playful, sketch, nylon

the look i do at least 3 times a week:

shadows used:
nylon, satin taupe, showstopper, smoking

random makeup pictures...no idea what was used on them.

did both of our makeup for these:

violet pigment how i love thee

shadows used:
trax, sketch, nylon, beauty marked
the best lipstick ever: queens sin
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