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Fabulous Make-Up

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A Make-Up Rating Community.

Fabulous make-up is undergoing some changes. We are looking for much more than just, well, fabulous make-up. While it is sill true that if you're make-up skills are up to par, you'll likely be accepted, even if you can't make magic happen with a brush and some eyeshadow, you could still be accepted. Hair, style, and overall presentation of a photo could land you a spot here. Keep in mind, if your make-up skills are lacking, the rest of the package had better be goddamn FABULOUS. We like all types of girls (and some boys, too!) here, so don't feel you're not to get in...just go ahead and apply, you never know! We are always interested in new members who can bring something different and unique to the table.

Owner and Top Bitch: misspinkzombie
Tech Bitch: rexy_rage
New Mod Bitch: ramie889
Just a Bitch: van_buren_ma

Rules for Members:
1. No being mean for the sake of being mean. You got something bitchy to say, you had better back it up with specific examples.
2. NO being mean to other members or the mods. Advice and tips are welcome always here, but rudeness will NOT be tolerated towards other members. Rudeness will earn you a warning, and if it happens a second time, you will be removed and banned

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